Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Sale: Burroughs shot gun art piece from Timothy Leary's private collection

The estate of Timothy Leary announces a one-of-a-kind offering of a William Burroughs shot gun painting personally given to him by the artist.

Link to Ebay Auction

It is the visit depicted in the header photo above - taken on Burroughs’ front porch in Kansas in 1987 - where Leary was introduced to the art Burroughs was creating in his studio.

Shortly thereafter, William gave him this piece as a gift, which resided in Tim's living room. (See Photo Below.)

The piece wasn't sold with Tim's other art in the Christie's auction in 1996 because it was on tour as part of a Los Angeles County Museum of Art Burroughs exhibit at the time.


Sra said...

"Art" like this reminds me of a line from Ghostbusters spoken by Bill Murray: "Somebody blows his nose and you want to keep it?"

Someone shoots paint at a board with a shotgun and you want to auction it starting at 85 grand?

Give us a break.

Skywalker said...

Leary and Burroughs are among my personal heros and their photo together is simply astounding...Thanks for posting it

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with the type of art, sra, it's all about who owned it, who created it (a literary legend), and the . Hell if someone famous bought some terrible art sold by a street vendor and said it was amazing there would be an increase in demand. This is an example of a gift from legend to legend. If you become a legend your low quality art can be worth a lot too.

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