Sunday, June 29, 2008

Come visit Tim's house, a trip to Dr. Leary's archived website

Dr. Leary embraced internet technology early on and saw the potential to build interactive online environments. He turned his home into a website where he welcomed visitors from all over the world with the simple greeting, "Hello I'm Timothy Leary, welcome."

A mostly functional version of from 1997 exists on the Wayback Machine. There you can explore the many rooms of Tim's house. In his Living Room you'll find the William S. Burroughs painting currently being auctioned on eBay. The hyperlinked painting directs the visitor to a brief bio of Burroughs which mentions his unique connection to tech history.
"William Seward Burroughs was the grandson of the founder of the Burroughs Adding Machine company, which evolved into the Burroughs Corporation and not too long ago merged with Sperry Univac to form Unisys."

Explore Dr. Leary's house further and you might discover the "Favorite Photos" section with the 1987 picture of Tim and William S. Burroughs featured as the banner for this blog.

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Wow Lisa! Tims house is awesome!